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Voyaj Trips

Lama Elsharif is going to Europe on 12/20 for 1 month

Sophia is going to Australia on 9/25 for 12 days

Sofia is going to Brazil on 11/9 for 1 month

Sophie is going to Senegal on 6/7 for 3 Weeks

Jacob Drucker is going to Western Pacific on 9/28 for 18 days

Denis is going to Brazil on 11/16 for 7 days

Jesse is going to Chile on 9/8 for 10 days

Max is going to Ecuador on 9/27 for 1 Week

Kaden is going to Brazil on 8/31 for 2 weeks

Yasmine El Baggari:

Email: yasmine.beg@gmail.com

Phone: (513) 333 - 6925

x Voyaj is an international travel service that connects passionate travelers with welcoming host families. It offers immersive cultural experiences to travelers from around the world by providing access to host families.

We want to build a world where travelers and hosts can meet, share their cultures, and grow as conscious citizens of an increasingly interconnected world. Voyaj will work with its clients every step of the way and provide personal attention throughout the entire process to ensure a successful journey.

Our goal is to encourage both cultural and educational interchange. Voyaj helps travel enthusiasts and the families who welcome them into their homes break down stereotypes and create mutual understanding.


Yasmine El Baggari is the founder of Voyaj: a lover of life and a fanatic traveler. In 2011, she set a goal to visit all 50 states. She wanted to learn about American culture first -hand, and break down stereotypes about Africa, the Middle East and Muslim women. Her monetary assets were limited - but her social - abundant. She had at least one contact in every state who would be happy to host me for couple of days. Three years later, she had made it to 33 states and more than 15 countries with meaningful and strong friendships along the way. This experience was the birth of a larger vision.